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Who's who?

Birmingham Swing Festival is organised and run by Martyn Nelson of The Swing Era (the vintage guy with the glasses) and Stephen Badham of Hot Ginger (the other vintage guy with the glasses).


Martyn and Stephen have been active members of Birmingham's Swing dance community for the last 10 years and teach classes, run dance and organise workshops throughout the year. Check out their websites for the latest news and information about their current events in and around Birmingham.


Martyn and Stephen are passionate about original Big Band Swing music and strive to always Keep Music Live.


Birmingham Swing Festival 2020 is the fifth time Martyn and Stephen have run a major event together having organised Birmingham Swing Weekend 2014 with Bobby White and Kate Hedin, Birmingham Swing Festival 2016 with Andreas Olsson and Jennifer Lee, Birmingham Swing Festival 2017 with Sylvia Sykes and Nick William, Isabella Gregorio and Pontus Persson, Andreas Olsson and Jennifer Lee and Jo and Mel Calanglang and Birmingham Swing Festival 2019 with Sylvia Sykes and Nick William, Isabella Gregorio and Pontus Persson, Valerie Salstrom and Jacob Wigger, Sanna Leinonen and Adam LaMontagne, and Trisha Sewell.


Martyn Nelson Birmingham Swing Festival
Stephen Badham Birmingham Swing Festival
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