PLEASE NOTE: We are currently running waiting lists for followers. We encourage followers to register with a partner.

Welcome to our Registration page! Please take your time to read through the information.

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Registration Types & Ticket Prices

Pricing (per person):


Entry to ALL PARTIES is included with all workshop passes.


Partner Bookings


We strive to maintain an even balance of leaders and followers in the workshops. All individuals booking onto Birmingham Swing Festival will be automatically added to a waiting list until they can be matched with another individual from the opposite role, at which point your attendance will be confirmed. This is to ensure that there is a even balance of leaders and followers. People booking with partners will be confirmed immediately.


We strongly encourage individuals to pro-actively book with a partner for the weekend so that your places are confirmed. Individuals can try to find partners within the local scene or at the Facebook group 'Followers and Leaders, Let's Book Together'.


Attendees will be rotated through partners in classes throughout the weekend, so you will not be dancing with the same person for the whole weekend. 

Group Discount


We are offering a group discount to groups of dancers from the same local scene OR students from university swing dance societies so that they can get an even better deal at Birmingham Swing Festival.


Local Swing Dance Scene Discount: Register EIGHT dancers, pay for SEVEN.

University Swing Dance Society Discount: Register EIGHT dancers, pay for SIX.


This discount applies to all tracks with groups made up of 4 x two-person dance partnerships registering at the same level. For example, your group may consist of 2 leaders and 2 followers for the intermediate Lindy Hop level, 2 people for the Crash Course Solo Jazz, and 1 leader and 1 follower for advanced Balboa level. We will take off an average fee price if your groups has booked across a range of levels and tracks.



  1. Form your group of EIGHT dancers who are all from the same local scene. Ideally this should be done before registration opens.


  3. Nominate a GROUP LEADER.

  4. The GROUP LEADER must send the NAMES and EMAIL ADDRESSES of the EIGHT dancers to our email address here along with details of the scene you are from.

  5. A group discount code will be assigned to each of the EIGHT dancers and will be emailed to the GROUP LEADER.

  6. When each member of your group registers, they MUST register within 72 hours of one-another and enter MUST enter the code to receive the group discount.

  7. Once all EIGHT dancers have registered, Birmingham Swing Festival will email the GROUP LEADER with payment details for the group.

  8. The group MUST pay with a single payment within 48 hours of receipt of the payment details.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If the entire group does not register within 72 hours, the offer becomes void.

  • If the entire group does not pay in full in a single payment within 48 hours of receipt of the payment details, the offer becomes void.

  • If there are more than EIGHT people in your local scene that will be attending Birmingham Swing Festival, only groups of EIGHT will be valid for each discount. The second or third groups of EIGHT must form their own groups.  

  • Only EIGHT to a group, no more, no less.  

  • If you have FOURTEEN dancers who are interested in attending, try to recruit two more members to form two groups of EIGHT!



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